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To efficient without anticipating intervention costs

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Current situation

Energy + maintenance costs

Current situation




Energy + maintenance costs


GEOLUMEN offers "turnkey" solutions at ZERO COST: LED Made in Italy GEOLUMENinside, high efficiency lamps with integrated system for remote control and remote management of the lighting system that pay off with the savings obtained and guarantee the provision of added-value services. The intelligent system allows you to switch on, off, adjust the intensity of the luminous flux of individual or groups of light points and monitor their correct operation directly using wireless technology.
Support in the pre-audit, through inspections and analysis of the state of art, lighting design, installation and disposal of old lighting fixtures, testing and technical-administrative support for the preparation of procedures for obtaining the TEE (white certificates), all even without investment costs thanks to the financial support that asks for a monthly fee lower than the energy cost currently incurred.

  • Upgrade the lighting system to reduce maintenance / energy costs

  • Only deal with an operator to have a "turnkey" solution

  • Turnkey solutions

  • Payback

  • New intelligent services offered according to Client needs (security, monitoring, etc ...)

  • Monthly fee based on the activated services

  • Design

  • Customized supply of LEDs

  • Installation (partnership)

  • Financial support (partnership)

  • Disposal of old lamps

No costs

Modernize the plant without any initial cost.


Easy and immediate installation and remote configuration thanks to the absence of wiring connections.

Remote control

Automatic and constant setting thanks to the punctual remote control of the light intensity.

Real time

Diagnostics of the single light points in real time.

Web Software

Immediacy of information through a web based software with GIS mapping.


Extreme versatility of use of the system through a programmable management calendar.


Multiple automation systems through the interfacing of environmental or detection sensors for automatic adaptation functions of the artificial lighting.


Consumption reports with interactive graphs.

Additional services

Added value services on demand