Street lights as service network


This is the innovative idea that provides the GEOLUMEN System with a key role in the  development process that sees the urban territories evolve into Smart Cities. Wireless access to a communication network consists of the street lights gives  the opportunity to provide services to citizens, with the guarantee of full coverage of  the urban area. The geolocation of individual light points, which are ports of entry and  exit from the network provides a channel for sharing information useful for both the public and the private sector.


Thanks to the total coverage of the urban area through the street lights network, and due to the  short-term payback resulting from the intervention of energy efficiency and management  optimization, you can improve several services to be provided through the GEOLUMEN System


• Light / motion / presence sensor

• Remote Panic Button

• Safety and teleassistance

• Environmental monitoring (Weather, Pollution)

• Smart metering

• Parking management

• Waste management

• Info traffic

• Infoturist and advertising

• WiFi / Videosurveillance

GEOLUMEN System is composed by:


L-RD node: it is a HW/FW component capable of interfacing with the light components to receive and send messages and commands. it realizes the remote management of single light point and others mobile devices.

L-RDC Coordinator node: it pilots and queries the individual points of light collecting all the information shared between them, and sends messages to the Control Station vis LAN/UMTS.

Central Station SW: it is the management SW for the WEB Central Control Unit. Powered by a GIS System, it can manage and control the single light point by web. Thanks to an user friendly interface, it reports in real time on map all the anomalies and alarms coming from the light points or from other mobile devices.

 Central Station funcionalities:


• Switch on/off of the single light point

• Operating state control of the lamps

• Calendar programming for automatic scheduler

• Individual light point management

• Dimming for single light or groups

• Registry and statistics data

• User management System WEB based

• Report and database storage




The pont-to-point RADIO communication:


The communication between the light points and the Central Station is via wireless network. Every single L-RD node communicates with each other trought a MESH network, automatic reconfigured in case of signal loss. Node Coordinator L-RDC interfaces directly to the Control Station, operated trought a user friendly graphical interface:

• No wired infrastructure

• Coverage of the whole urban area

• Ability to convey heterogeneous information

• Easy installation and configuration of devices

• Analog / digital interface



    With the expertise of its engineers, GEOLUMEN S.r.l. offers the necessary designing  support, taking care to identify the best lighting solutions in accordance with  local regulations. GEOLUMEN S.r.l. engineers aim to optimize the lighting system to  make it efficient without modify, where it is possible, the state of things.


    Since the GEOLUMEN System is based on radio waves, they are not to be required  wiring operas or installation of several remote control devices to full manage a facility.  Given the small size of the hardware components of the System, they can be easily  integrated in the luminaire bodies. The designers of GEOLUMEN S.r.l. can easly  engineer different solutions to offer customers an intuitive product easy to install.


    GEOLUMEN S.r.l. supports not only designers, but also installers and maintainers.  The entire HW / SW supply is equipped with datasheets and installation guides. Also  GEOLUMEN S.r.l. provides support on site during the installation and  configuration of the whole system, supporting the customer after the testing phase,  with a dedicated Customer Services.


    GEOLUMEN System is web based. This not only ensures the availability of the service H24/7days and access from any terminal connected to the Internet, but allows the GEOLUMEN S.r.l. to act promptly in case of request for assistance. If the "help menu" is not sufficient, GEOLUMEN S.r.l. engineers can intervene in real time from a remote suite, dialoguing directly with operators and reducing the time to resolution of any problem.


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