Investing in energy efficiency with immediate savings, with no upfront costs

Pre-audit, visit and analysis of the actual state, lighting design and optimization of the plant, installation of LED fixtures made in Italy and safe disposal of old fixtures, testing and mentoring for the preparation of technical and administrative practices for obtaining TEE (white certificates) also without all the investment costs thanks to the financial support that provides a monthly fee lower than the cost of energy currently supported.

Geolumen transforms the lighting in an Intelligent System by which you can maximize your energy savings and management as well as interact with sensors and actuators for wireless control of tools, equipment, machinery, fleets, people .... for the creation of Smart City and Smart Building.



PARKING MANAGEMENT: a smart L-RD can be integrated with a parking solutions of innovative sensors meant to monitor, locate and manage city traffic. Specifically, while monitoring the parking-lots, the system sends a free/engaged data signal to the deputed main server. This system is presently working to monitor disabled and loading-unloading parking areas

WASTE MANAGEMENT: an electronic device to be mounted on the rubbish bins provided with wireless communication module and an inertial measurement unit (IMU) for the recognition of tasks such as: emptying, moving, tampering, communicating them to the street lamp nearby

NATURAL LIGHT SENSORS INTERFACING: one or more L-RD can be interfaced with a light sensor for automatic adjustment of artificial light according to the natural one. An algorithm able to set the range of the desired brightness level, set the time for the achievement and automatically vary the brightness level

MOTION SENSOR: one or more L-RD can be connected to a motion sensor to set authomatic command to the light pole in order to improve the brightness or to tunr on/off the light

SAFETY & TELEASSISTANCE BATTERY LESS: a small-sized remote control battery less capable of transforming the kinetic energy of the pressure on the button to operate by radio a preset command, such as the ignition of all the lights for a determined time (eg 60 seconds), or send an alarm signal, locating the position according to the lamp with it communicates

MANDOWN: a device connected via wireless to the nodes L-RD (indoor or outdoor) equipped with rechargeable batteries capable of reading information from an accelerometer and communicate any abnormalities (eg. standstill position) automatically or by pushing the equipped panic button

ENVIRONMENTAL MONITORING (CO2, temperature, humidity, pressure, radiation, ...) analog-to-digital sensors can be interfaced with a L-RD to monitor, in real time, the environmental conditions of that particular area and access such information remotely, even to set up an automated light control or alarm

TRAFFIC RESTRICTED AREA: possibility to interface actuators for authomatic opening / closing gates and / or access

SMART METERING: L-RD create the necessary network infrastructures by linking several utility meters (electricity, gas, water, heat) to the central utility server where it captures and reports vital data. It ensures the secure data transfer of user authentication and encryption information

ADVERTISING: each L-RD can be interfaced with a text panel to send and share textual information, for advertising and / or informative

INFOTURIST: the Smart Pole con provide information thanks to RFID and audio technologies integrated inside it. The same pole can offer VoIP services in case of emergency (eg Panic Bottom)

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